The Aries Man

March 21 To April 19

Your Zodiac Sign: Aries.

Symbol: The Ram.

Your Ruling Element: Fire.

Slogan: I am, therefore I am.

General Characteristics

The sign of Aries strongly identifies with the element of masculinity, and this represents the qualities of powerfulness and strength in body, mind and character. As result of such qualities most men born under the sign of Aries are endowed with a strong, muscular and athletic physique that signifies power and strength.

Arians hold a warrior outlook to life and will display a brave and fearless approach toward all and any obstacles of life. They love excitement, adventure and thrilling activities, and will openly approach new things in order to enrich their experiences in life.


With their warrior nature and an absolute self confidence in their own abilities, ideas and opinions, the Arian male is likely to identify with the quality of rebellion. As result, they are likely to take relish in challenging and/or defying those authorities that are readily accepted by others.

Aries men can be highly imaginative and creative in formulating new ideas, concepts and ways of doing things. They are full of amazing ideas, very progressive in their thinking and activities, and endowed with a visionary outlook outside of that of the ordinary. They have the outlook of mind, ambition and dedication necessary in order to pursue a course to achieve their objectives.

Arian men are highly enthusiastic about their work and work objectives and they will apply a very high level of motivation toward any task they undertake. They can be outstanding in their ability to being able to focus on a project in order to arrive at the best of results. As result of such qualities Arian men can often progress up the corporate promotional ladder at a faster rate than most of the other signs of the zodiac.

Leadership is a quality associated with Aries and the Arian males tend to make good leader whether in their own business ventures or where employed in large commercial organizations. They have very strong minds, a force full determination, and with their exceptional stamina and ways of doing things a tremendous ability to being ability to inspire and motivate others.

As an employer, the Arian male is likely to be a pretty fair person to work for. He will of course expect you to work and dedicate yourself as hard as he does and might prove to be a quite hostile or aggressive on occasion where you don’t concur with his thinking or resist doing things his way. Having said that however, when the Arian’s objectives have been achieved and all is well, he can be more than generous with your pay packet and often, when you least expect it.

On the health front, the Arian life style centers upon haste, activity and the expenditure of mental and physical energy. As result he can be susceptible to health problems related to the head, circulatory and metabolic systems. Due to his great expenditures of mental and physical energies he may tend to be prone at times to head ache, back muscle pains, stomach problems, over tiredness and fatigue. This could become more severe in the later stages of life.

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More About Your Aries Personality Traits





Aries Man - The Lover

The Aries man personality identifies with a very masculine-oriented individual and when it comes to a wife or partner he will certainly prefer an "all female" feminine love mate.

He is likely to favor a woman who is strong in her own mind but also one who is acquiescent to his own strong physique and nature. In other words, he will appreciate a woman who is intelligent but certainly not one who has desires to “wear the trousers” and rule the roost within his kingdom.

There are no halfway measures when it comes to a relationship with an Aries man. By nature they are either full on into the relationship or alternatively, totally uninterested. To keep this man happy, a woman will need to be totally organized person who has tons of personal initiative.

The Arian man is unlikely to be overly impressed simply by physical appearances a woman and will appreciate one who is visually smart, practical, down to earth in outlook and very feminine. In other words this is a guy who will like his woman to dress in pretty clothes while at the same time be more than capable to deal with other such matters as having their own career, holding a driving license and dealing the all his home organizational matters,

The Arian can be charming, full of fun and certainly susceptible flattery. Flattery can work well with the Arian man because he can lap up any amount of it provided he does not become suspicious that it is being expressed simply as "a line." By his very nature, the Arian man will not only desire, but inherently assume that he is the absolute center of his loved one's attention. Beware however, that he is likely to have a lot of women around him that could provide competition for any potential mate.

These Arian men possess an uncommon quality for passion and romance that can tend to pour out once they tend to settle upon their chosen love one. A relationship with an Arian therefore, can prove to be more than exciting for any woman who can adjust to their Arian’s lifestyle, needs, desires and preferences. They only set back might be that an Arian by nature will always demand attention from their lovers and at times this could prove to be too overpowering for their partners
As a husband the Aries man should prove to be a loving and virile partner although somewhat bossy at times. He can prove to be wonderful within a marriage where his partner can keep up with his hectic pace of life.

In the home the Aries man will certainly enjoy being waited on and is likely to prove to be somewhat strict on discipline as a parent, but not unkind. As the family provider he will work hard and strive in every way possible way in order to achieve the best results for his wife and family.

The Most Compatible Love Match Zodiac Signs for the Aries Man are: Sagittarius, Leo, Aries, Gemini, and Aquarius.

Aries Sign - Compatibility Chart

Aries And Element
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Aries Man Career & Finance

In general, Aries men make for strong leaders within their scope of business or professional interests. They are endowed with a powerful entrepreneurial spirit, great motivational energies plus immense drive and, are likely to undertake projects or ventures that can make them very successful in the generation of an above average income or financial rewards.

With a tremendous business intelligence and acumen, the Arian man are quick to identify their opportunities and chances in life, especially so within their chosen career arena. They can by nature be extremely shrewd, cunning, deceiving and exploiting at times, and especially so where it involves issues of promotion and pay rises.

One personality that the Arian should give due consideration to is the tendency for extravagance. This is a man who has total belief in his own abilities to overcome all obstacles. He has the inherent ability to work hard and relentlessly with every likely hood of making a lot of money in the process, however, he can lack the ability to hold onto financial reserves for those rainy days or even a complete failure in the optimistic belief that if a set back occurs he will rapidly be able to recover.

So, if you have an Arian man in your life, you can expect to be showered with diamonds and pearls when thing are good, but you might have to hock them at a later date to help finance his next recovery project. This is a guy who can tend to spend a lot of money on things that may not be absolutely necessary in his life.

Some Suitable Vocations For Aries:

The Aries man needs a vocation career interest that will provide for their inherent need for independence, initiative, action, leadership and authority. As result Arian men are likely to excel well in such professions as:

Chief Executives, Financial advisors, Managers, Strategists, Doctors, Surgeons, Dental, Professional sports, Entertainers, Hairdressing, Landlord & Property Development, Lawyer, Make-up artist, Neurologist, Optometrist, Public Relations, Journalism.

Other vocation arenas for the Aries Man are likely to be in:

Film Production, Video Game Design, Industries connected to machines or metals, the Military, Police force, Fire service, Motor sales, Armaments manufacture or any form of entrepreneurial activity, including that of Internet businesses.

Some Famous Aries Men are:

Russell Crowe, Marlon Brando, Alec Baldwin, Steve McQueen, Jackie Chan, Leonard Nimoy, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Heath Ledger, Leonardo da Vinci, Al Gore, David Letterman, Eric Clapton, Elton John, Vincent Van Gogh, Hugh Hefner.








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